Chef Satinder Shergill

Chef Satinder Shergill

The indomitable Chef de Cuisine of Zhiwaling Hotel, Paro, Kingdom of Bhutan, SATINDER SHERGILL, hails from Chandigarh. Satinder got cut down to Sati as this what happens with Punjabi’s often, and that is how I am now known by those who have entered my culinary space.

My Alma Mater , Yadavindra Public School in Mohali , Punjab , launched me out into the world as a student of Science , and with a guidance to go down the road to be a Microelectronics Engineer .

It was not to be……..

Electronics was my passion, and as I tell all aspiring young chefs who enter in to the world of culinary activity and skill set…. it has to be a passion – from within heart and the gut.

Till date I use my knowledge of my past studies in the field of cooking where ever possible.Little wonder , it was , when I found the I would much rather exchange the feel of my micro engineering tools for the feel of a good carbon steel blade -for cutting ,chopping and filleting .

My culinary growth has spiraled from the kitchens of restaurants and hotels all over the world — from Chandigarh to the U .S.A., Canada, Australia and Bhutan.

I graduated from Culinary Institute of Ontario, Mississauga and upgraded my credentials through certification of Chef de Cuisine from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, I am presently working , and cooking – baking as an Executive Chef at the Zhiwaling Hotel , Paro , Bhutan , for the past 6 years and am enjoying the creating of the ancient recipes of this happy country .

In my journey in the culinary space, I have found that following a simple recipe from a book, does not a make Chef. The capacity to create and go outside the boundaries of normal food fare is the skill set of Chef, whose mind is not locked in by fears of gourmet critics and mind set public. Exploding a new flavor on a guests tongue and the look of exquisite delight and amazement is the best form of compliment, for a Chef. Being a Chef is a pride which you portray yourself in the way how you dress up in that uniform and how you carry yourself.

Creation is my goal; and every day in the kitchen opens vistas of amazing possibilities.


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