Chef Gaurav Chawla

Chef Gaurav Chawla, a creative thinker who has sound knowledge of the latest food trends, who is intimately familiar with all the activities of the kitchen. Post completing his Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management & Catering technology , Chef Gaurav had opportunity to work with some of the finest hospitality brands for close to 10 years. With extensive experience in international cuisine ,Chef Gaurav has a strong commitment to quality, service & sustainability in the food he serves. Under the guidance & mentorship of Mr. Jiggs Kalra & Mr. Zorawar Kalra, Chef Gaurav sets out to create a unique blend of global ingredients, dishes & cooking styles with Indian ingredients , thereby introducing a new frontier in the Indian cuisine. The cuisine served at Farzi café aims at surprising the diners with modern cooking techniques comprising the aspects of molecular gastronomy in a new way to spin old favourites in a relaxed & youthful ambiance. Chef Gaurav likes to spend most of his free time exploring new global culinary trends, while also playing snooker. He is based in Delhi and enjoys his living with his family. He is presently working with Downtown Diners Private Limited as Corporate Chef.